Precautions to be taken in the Wedding During Covid-19

5 August 2021

A wedding in India is a grand affair. Great decor, luxurious clothes, amazing foods, endless guest list, and whatnot. The enthusiasm starts right with the finalization of the dates. The next thing everyone thinks of is booking the Banquet Hall in Surat for the finalized date. This has slightly changed after the pandemic hit the world.

Starting with the limited guest list, the wedding venue in Surat choices also changed. The brides and groom are experiencing getting married in the presence of the most important people in their lives. From being a grand event of 3 to 5 days, it is now a matter of a day. A lot of care is taken to make sure that no one is infected by the virus.

Here are some such precautions that you can follow if you have a wedding soon.

Choose An Open-Air Wedding Venue

As the air is the medium of spreading the infection, having the wedding in a closed venue would increase the chances of everyone getting infected. Instead, you can opt for an open-air and spacious wedding venue. An open-air wedding venue would provide fresh air and reduce the chances of infection.

Social Distancing

Choosing a spacious wedding venue would allow everyone to effectively practise social distancing. Keep the sitting arrangement in accordance with the social distancing norms. Along with social distancing, make sure that every guest wears a mask and sanitise the hands frequently. Avoid touching each other even for greeting; hugs and handshakes are now replaced with our traditional namaste!

Wedding Venue Is Fully Sanitised

As wedding venues are frequently used, especially in clashing wedding dates, make sure that the wedding venue management takes care of wedding venue sanitisation at regular intervals to ensure that the surfaces do not have the presence of microorganisms.

Digital Transactions Are a Bliss

This has become a great way of money transaction, especially during the covid-19 as payment involves an exchange of currencies with the touch. Every type of payment became easy with the digital transaction. So, make sure that the wedding venue you finalise allows the payment through digital mediums.

Thermal Screening at The Entrance

This has become a new normal as it could detect the person infected by covid-19 and not has realised yet. This is the most effective way to break the chain of infection of the virus. Make sure that everyone entering the venue goes through the thermal screen and sanitize the hands.

Even the staff that is going to serve the guest at the wedding venue should maintain the norms, sanitise the hands, maintain social distancing and most importantly goes through thermal screening. Having the staff and the guest that have taken the doses of vaccine would be highly recommended.

Weddings are an auspicious day not just for the bride and groom for the whole family, make this day enjoyable and safer for your loved ones. When you choose the wedding venue in Surat, make sure that it is appropriate considering the situation of covid-19 and the norms crafted by the government for the safety of everyone.